Charlotte Seither - Composer



International Lecturing / Masterclasses

LECTURES / MASTERCLASSES at International Sibelius Symposium Amsterdam; Goethe Institute Lissabon / Universidade Nova de Lisboa / Escola Superior de Música Lisboa; Goethe Institute Taschkent / State Conservatory of Uzbekistan and Goethe Institute Santiago de Chile / Universidad Católica Santiago; German Historic Institute Rome; numerous lectures / papers at German and international institutions




Teaching at Universities

Hochschule für Künste Bremen / College of Music and Arts Bremen

Winter Semester 2009/10: Vacancy Substitution for Younghi Pagh Paan (Associated Lecturer)

Winter Semester 2003/04 – Summer Semester 2010: Associated Lecturer for History and Aesthetics of Contemporary Music

Winter Semester 2002/03: Guest Professor for Composition (C3) (vacancy substitution for Younghi Pagh-Paan)

Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hannover

Winter Semester 2009/10 and Summer Semester 2010: Guest Lecturer für Composition and Analyses New Music (Project Lecturer)

Universität Magdeburg / University of Magdeburg

Since Summer Semester 1999 until Summer Semester 2008: Associated Lecturer for Contemporary Music and Experimental Practice

Extraordinary professor-like status of the German state Sachsen-Anhalt for Musicology and Music Theory, mentoring of examination works for all categories of study; examinations in Musicology and Music Theory / Analysis, organisation und execution of concert and study excursions

Freie Universität Berlin / Free University of Berlin

Summer Semester 2000, Winter Semester 2001/02, Winter Semester 2002/03, Winter Semester 2003/04, Winter Semester 2004/05, Summer Semester 2006: Associated Lecturer for Musicology

Organisation and Execution of Composers Lectures (e.g. Wolfgang Rihm) including attendance of concert


Universität Witten-Herdecke / University of Witten-Herdecke

Winter Semester 2007/08: Associated Lecturer as Composer in Residence